About Us

Welcome to Shine Chinese Community School!

Shine Chinese Community School (SCCS) is a non profit community language school. It is funded by the Department of Education NSW and located at Hills District Sydney. We are one of the community schools With our qualified and enthusiastic teaching team, we offer effective Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture learning programs that aim to develop a love for Chinese language learning. Our interactive and encouraging teaching methods cater for students from different language and cultural background. Our language learning programs are designed to give our students the most joyful, purposeful and relevant experiences in learning Mandarin and Chines Culture.

亮点语中文学校坐落于悉尼Castle Hill,属于新南威尔士州教育局资助的一所非营利性的社区语言学校之一。我们为3岁以上的孩子提供中文学习课程。 无论孩子的母语是否是中文。我们的中文学习课程特定为孩子们提供一个愉快,学习目标性强及具有延续和与孩子日常生活有紧密相关的中文和中华文化的学习经验.

Shine Chinese Community School provides a child-centred learning approach inspired by Montessori’s teaching and learning philosophy. Our program includes drama, story telling, art and craft activities, educational game, music and movement activities as the unique and effective methods to motivate students to be enthusiastic, active and independent learner for learning Mandarin, to lay a solid foundation, to develop necessary skills, build their interests and confidence in their ongoing learning process to learn Chinese.

亮点中文学校提供以孩子为中心的教学及学习模式,开启课程灵感及课程运用源于蒙台梭利教学的教育理念及实践教学方式。我们所提供的课程内容包括戏剧表演,讲故事、艺术手工活动、教育性游戏、音乐和互动活动等为独特及有效的的方式,激发学生们对学习中文的兴趣,培养他们成为一名富有激情的, 主动的和独立的中文语言学习者。 让他们在学习中文的过程中获得自信 、培养他们的积极性及独立性。 以此建立良好的学习的中文技巧及基础,为将来延伸的中文学习过程提升足够的技能,培养兴趣及信心。

Our teaching team:

All of our regular teachers held qualification and teaching experience on either or both early childhood teaching and teaching Chinese Language.  With a dedication and passion for providing children a best quality learning program and learning environment for all students and our Chinese language and culture learning community.


Shine Chinese Community School is located in Castle Hill, Sydney. We offer Chinese language courses for children over 3 years old. Whether the child’s native language is Chinese or not. Our Language Center Learning Program is designed to provide children with a pleasant, learning-oriented learning experience with continuity Chinese language and Chinese culture that are closely related to children’s daily life.

亮点语言中心坐落于悉尼Castle Hill。我们为3岁以上的孩子提供中文学习课程。 无论孩子的母语是否是中文。我们的语言中心学习课程特定为孩子们提供一个愉快,学习目标性强及具有延续和与孩子日常生活有紧密相关的中文和中华文化的学习经验.